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Apartment Building

Guide to Investing in Multifamily Real Estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is real estate syndication?
    Syndication is basically a group purchase where several people pool their money together to buy​ larger properties, which they wouldn't be able to do individually. For example 30 people with $100K each, or 60 people with 50K each or in some combination can invest together​ to bring $3MM equity to buy a $10MM property. Typically there will be General Partners (Sponsors) and Limited Partners (Passive Investors)​. General Partners perform daily management of the property while Limited Partners contribute capital and enjoy the benefits.
  • What are the tax advantages of real estate syndication investing?
    Investing in Real Estate offers various tax benefits compared to other asset classes such as Stocks. They offer Depreciation (paper losses)​ where it can offset gains from other passive investments. For those qualify as Real Estate Professionals it's possible to offset active income or spouse's active income with depreciation. Other ways to save on taxes is via 1031 exchange is by deferring taxes into the future perpetually. Gains from refinancing are also not taxable. These are only some of the benefits among others. Please consult your CPA for your situation.
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