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Gain Financial Freedom through commercial real estate investments, which generate high double digit returns, & provide tax advantages

You work hard for the money. Let the money work hard for you.

Advantages of Investing in Passive Commercial
Real Estate

Cash Flow

Without the hassles or headaches of managing tenants or toilets, you receive passive income distributions via ACH to your bank on a quarterly basis.

Equity Appreciation

As we target investment properties with value-added opportunities, you will benefit from the property's value increasing over time after renovations are completed on the return on your investment (ROI).

Diversified Holdings

We believe in a diversified portfolio that includes real estate as a hedge against stock market volatility and inflationary spikes. You can diversify your investments across asset classes, markets, and operators.


Passive Real Estate Investing Provides
Time and Financial Freedom

You're a busy professional trying to make a good life for yourself and your family.

You've worked long hours and met tight deadlines to advance in your career, maxing out your 401(k) and retirement plans, saving for your children's college, and investing in the stock market.

So, why do you appear to be so far from financial independence?

We understand your situation, which is why we began investing in real estate. We'll show you how to use the wealth-building power of passive real estate investing to achieve financial independence while living life on your own terms.

Here's How It Works


Start Here

When you join Bazaru Capital and schedule a call with us, you join an exclusive group of accredited investors who have access to our investment opportunities. We will contact you to discuss your investment goals and preferences.



We are here to answer your questions. We have resources readily available on our blog. In addition, in our monthly live webinars, we interview a highly successful and experienced real estate investor.



When a new investment opportunity becomes available, we will invite you to a live presentation with Q&A. When you decide to invest, we will walk you through every step of the way.


Build Wealth

With each asset you add to your investment portfolio, you diversify your holdings, add new passive income streams, and continue to accumulate wealth on your path to financial independence and living life on your own terms.

Help busy professionals like IT professionals, CXOs, physicians invest their hard money, grow their wealth and help them prepare for financial independence and retirement.

Our Mission

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